Top oscillating tools saw blades and their applications

What is a saw blade?

Saw blade plays a key role when it comes to cutting any material such as wood, plastic, metals, concrete, etc. the saw blade can be seen in any metal or wood shops it is a vital thing found in many tools. Say blades are available in different shapes and sizes.

But different blades are used for wood and metal cutting, and it is essential to be aware of which blade should be used for a specific task so that there is no damage to the material you are using and you.

We are discussing here the oscillating multi-tool saw blade. When it comes to oscillating multi-tool saw blades you need to know about the preferred multi-tool saw blades for metals and woods cutting-nails.

There are different companies manufacturing saw blades for multi-tools such as Dewalt, Bosch, Black & Decker, Cable, Porter, Craftsman, Fein Multi-master, Rockwee, Dremel and so on. All these companies offer excellent multi-tool saw blades, but you need to select the best one for you according to your type of job and preference.Let us see some best multi-tool blades:

Blade types and their applications:

  • Crosscut- we use this blade for crosscutting the wood.
  • Dado-cut- used for table saws and radial-arm
  • Ripping- we use this blade for cutting wood
  • Dry-diamond- we use it for tiles and masonry
  • Combination- it an used for multipurpose wood cutting
  • Abrasive wheel- used for metals and masonry
  • Fine-tooth finish- used for smooth cuts
  • Metal-cutting- we use it for cutting pipes and metal sheets
  • Finish or paneling- it is used for cutting plywood, laminates, veneer, light-gauge materials
  • Nail cutting- used to cut foreign objects and woods consisting of nails

Tips to choose best oscillating multi-tool saw blade:

  • Platinum Blade QFM187: it consists of 15 items and necessary accessories that can be used on different types of tools for various purposes. It is packed with three types 1-3/4 inch blades they are, wood or metal saw blades, bi-metal saw blades and Japan tooth saw blades.

It also has two other packs such as 1-3/8 inch Japanese precision tooth-saw blades and soft blades wood or metal blades and 3 inches semi-secular saw blades.

  • 50pk Fat Cut Wood& Plastic Cut Blades: it is packed with 50 blades for cut-outs, flush cuts like hardwoods, ply-woods and particle board. And also you can cut Plexiglas, plastics, and fibreglass.
  • 20 Metal/Wood oscillating multi-tool saw blade: it consists of platinum blades which has long durability and care.
  • 10 Metal/Wood Universal Quick Release Blades: it consists of 10 wood/metal universal saw blades. Using this blade, you can do DIY projects very easily and quickly.
  • Dremel MM485B Carbide Flush Cutting Blades: it is the best and famous brand that has best track records for quality and durability. It consists of a pack of 3 high-performance blades like carbide teeth saw blade. The Dremel manufactured the first high-performance oscillating blade.

Above mentioned are the best suggestions which you need to consider while buying oscillating multi-tool saw blade. By reading the article know more about the variety of blades and make a final decision.

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