The Pros and Cons of Doing Your Own Yardwork

It is fall these days, and we are probably one of the many folks who absolutely hate raking leaves.  Of course, our neighbor has one of those fancy blower machines that gets rid of them in a few seconds while you are out there in your jacket and jeans raking up a big pile that will be replaced by a whole new bunch by the next morning.  These days nobody is even willing to pay you for raking leaves; they’d rather pay those landscaping services.  So we are left to do it the old-fashioned way.  But at least when we are done we will have them beat because we are the only ones who have the latest gaming computer and software in the entire neighborhood.

That’s when they all come down to our place.  They all show up to take advantage of our up-to-date computer equipment and software that we have obtained from  And while they are still making payments on all that fancy yard equipment, or writing monthly checks to the landscaping service we managed to take advantage of some Groupon promo codes and got some great discounts on the latest hardware from  Like their 70% off promo code on drones, Samsung TVs and laptops.  Or the deals on software and games.  None of the folks whose yards are looking so nice and professionally done can show those games to their friends.  All they needed was to get a bit more outdoor exercise by raking leaves and cutting their own grass and they might have the chance to use a Groupon and get their own electronic hardware from for a price that would make raking a pile of leaves more than worthwhile.

But at least we’ve got something more to show for our efforts than just a pile of raked leaves.  Others may have a pretty yard, but we’ve got the equipment that keeps us alive and kicking; cause when not raking leaves we’re busy designing new games and entertainment for all those folks who are sitting before their monitors while the gardener is doing the work – and taking their cash.

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